Friday, December 14, 2012

Definition of Powerful Prosperous Partnerships

What does it mean to have powerful prosperous partnerships?

How do you know when you have them?

How can you create more?

To me having powerful prosperous partnerships starts with a strong intention of how you want to be in this world and what are you bringing to it AND be with those individuals who SUPPORT and NOURISH and Make your heart and soul fire up!

I didn't just come across this concept.........I had to work on it!  As some of the people who read this can attest to; I wasn't always a strong lighthouse in this world.  I was confused and chaotic and sometimes quite dark in my energy.

One day my intuition yelled at me and I heard and FELT it say "you need to do something drastic."  "something that will change you."  Little did I know the risk I needed to take!

I felt very isolated and alone; chronically DEPRESSED I felt no reason to really live!  AND the only way I could get out of it..........according to my intution was to reach out!  And risk everything.  So I reached out to now my wonderful friend and mentor Karen McGregor.

With her guidance and Life Purpose workshop/Intensive.  My whole world opened up!  I literally bloomed.  I went from feeling socially anxious and purposeless and hopeless to courageously opening my mind, heart and soul and SPEAKING from that place!

This is JUST a TASTE of what can change in you if you LISTEN to your heart & intuition.  BUT something inside has to show you the way.  I was only lucky because I FINALLY listened and believe me it took alot!
But it doesn't have to!

That is why I have developed this group and blog.  To share my personal experiences of unfoldment; and to make the people who have changed my life available to those who struggle!  And trust me if money is an issue it doesn't need to be!  With virtually nothing I have come out on takes know how!  AND THIS BLOG AND FB page will help you find your way to FREE & low cost resources (i.e. events that are coming up).

So stay tuned................. ;-)

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Simple Steps to Improve your social media coverage

WOW! There is so much to learn with Social Media that it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start.  So here is some suggestions on getting started:

1.  Pick 3 avenues you want to focus on (i.e. facebook, linked in, twitter, google, etc). 

Once you find 3 that you want to focus on: 

a) create some profiles.  Make sure your pictures and content are congruent with each other.  That if one person were to go to one link and then another that they would GET what you are offering. And they are fairly the same/similar across the board

*always check all links to make sure all information looks tidy and well understood to prevent confusion*

2. Once this has been accomplished it's VERY important to update 2 to 3 times a day.  There are some quick tips that can help -  a) connect twitter to fb. google to other accts or hootsuite to 5 profile pages etc.  b) apply for an app for your phone (most sites that offer profiles offer some kind of mobile app)
c) pick content that will offer something for free (i.e. videos, report, a tip of some kind).  Or something you have learned from your expertise.

3. Get an opinion or two regarding the information you have placed in your social media sites and tips if need be (if you feel uncertain it's great to enlist likeminded people) :D

Have fun! :D